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5 tips for the perfect flat lay

So you’ve spent hours, weeks, years creating your amazing handmade products and now you need to show the world your talents right? How do you do that in a way that creates a connection, an emotional response that means your audience falls in love with your product, remembers you and wants to buy from you?

When taking photos of products (and people) giving them something do to is a way to give energy and life into your image. It’s a way to give your image a time, a place or an emotion. A way to show your viewers how your product fits into their life. One of the best ways to do this is in a flat lay. The nature of a flat lay (a collection of objects photographed from a birds eye view) means that props and story telling elements are essential. These add context to your subject and create that connection.

As you may have found out for yourself flat lays are tricker to get right that they look. It’s more than just chucking stuff on a table and standing on a stool with your phone held in the air. I’m going to share with you now 5 practical tips that will improve your flat lay photography.

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From Hairstylist to TopKnotQueen ~ Top 5 biz tips from Holly of TopKnotGirl

Hi, I’m Holly, former hairstylist (although I seem to continue to dabble in that!) turned entrepreneur + chief topknot maker at TopKnot Girl!

I’m wife to Nathan + cool mama to William (6) and Poppy (3).

I started TopKnot Girl in 2014 after discovering a market for functional, comfortable and on-trend headwear in a range of sizes and styles.

I make all products from our home studio on the mid-north coast. Nathan packages and ships your orders and deals with some admin and bookwork, while I produce the items + connect with our tribe on social media!


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