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I Love This Shiz! – Lil Bit Better

Who is a fan of house cleaning? Anyone? Anyone??! Not many hands going up (mine certainly isn’t) are there?

I’ll tell you one of the reasons why I don’t like cleaning (other than the obvious fact that I’d rather be on the couch watching Girls or something). It’s the harsh chemicals. Chemicals and ingredients in traditional cleaning products can impact on the environment in numerous ways, such as the rate in which they break down (assuming they are biodegradable), how they impact our waterways and wildlife, and if they have any potential effects on the people that use them. And it’s not only the effects that chemicals may on the environment, but the chemicals in commercial cleaning products often gave me really bad headaches and made my dermatitis flare up.

Then we stumbled across Lil Bit Better, a handmade business based in Melbourne, Victoria. The owner Liz, is passionate about changing the way we use cleaning products. Keenly aware of the environmental impact harsh chemicals have on the environment, she has created an amazing range of handmade natural and low impact cleaning products.

I’ve bought quite a few of Liz’s handmade cleaning products, and I’m going to share a few of my favourites with you!

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