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Amanda Brandl Marsupials and Monotremes – new fabric release!

It is no secret, I have an obsession with fabric.  I am particularly drawn to unique fabrics with interesting designs and colours.  More so, I love to seek out fabric from emerging fabric designers and small businesses.

So when I was asked to participate in the Marsupials and Monotremes Blog Tour I was very excited!  This showcases Australian fabric designer Amanda Brandl’s collection of fabric which celebrates Australian flora and fauna in vibrant colourways.


I work with a huge variety of fabric, from canvas to quilting cotton to poplin to fine tana lawn, and the quality of this fabric was just lovely to touch!  The fabric (this particular one is Platypus Play Aqua) was crisp and vibrant in colour, which is something I always look for in a fabric.  It had a lovely drape yet retained structure, and was perfect to make clothing with!

The first item of clothing I made was my signature ladies skirt, an original pattern that easily slips into any existing wardrobe.  With such a unique and playful fabric design, it is sure to catch the eye.  This is by no means reserved for a child only wardrobe!



I could not help but make a matching girls skirt and boys shorts!  Who doesn’t like a bit of matchy-matchy clothing with the kids?  These are staple items for kids and this fabric made them a great deal more interesting than typical store bought items.  The skirt and shorts are a comfortable fit so they are perfect for playtime.  However the print is such that the clothing can easily be worn out to a nice dinner with family and friends.

Amanda has done an amazing job at showcasing Australia’s unique wildlife, and has successfully combined traditional colours that symbolise Australian landscape with contemporary colours.  The options are endless and I am sure that these fabrics will inspire you to create!

To see the full blog tour schedule for this Australian animal fabric collection, and to find a stockist please go to Kennard & Kennard or visit


Anh is one half of Love Australian Handmade, and also has been running her own handmade business (Ana ma Petit Tresor) for almost 5 years. She has two young children, and a husband who crazily encourages her fabric buying sprees and handmade ideas.  She likens her fabric addition to drugs (but not as expensive nor illegal), and is known to sit and stare at fabric for periods of time. Anh also loves to travel, eat food, make her kids laugh, and sleep.

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