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Don’t these pants make you happy?

How did your handmade journey begin? Can you remember or has it all disappeared in a haze of parcels, gorgeous fabrics and a now empty bank account (or is that just me)? I have always loved browsing handmade markets and loved a good craftanoon (but who doesn’t right?!). About 3.5 years ago, I purchased my first piece of handmade clothing for my daughter – a pair of funky boho harem pants from a market. I’ll be honest, the price scared me at first but we wore those things to death! My husband called them her happy pants. Now thinking about it they DID look just like the happy pants I wore as a kid in the 80s! Each time I went to that market, the maker recognised me, we chatted and built a relationship (she ended up selling her house, buying a caravan and travelling Australia!)… it was with this first purchase that I realised that when buying handmade you gain sooo much more than just a product! I immersed myself in everything handmade and quickly lost myself in the world of Facebook buy and sell sites trawling for my next handmade hit.

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