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Bonny Bombons

At Bonny Bombons, I create dainty and pretty jewellery for everyday wear that aims to remind us to be lighthearted and appreciate the beauty in the small moments of our lives.

Meet The Maker

I’m Rachael, creator of all Bonny Bombons jewellery and I make each piece in my Melbourne home studio.

My family, along with a passion for creating, are what drives and inspires me. I started on the Bonny Bombons’ journey so that I could be present and enjoy the beauty of the small moments of my four young children’s lives.

I enjoy working with different mediums and techniques, which is reflected in my growing range of jewellery. I love that my range offers something for everyone – whether it be some dinosaur or unicorns studs to show your fun side, a particular favourite colour piece to complement your outfit, a pair of my popular druzy range to dress up any outfit or even a hand stamped piece that can be personalised to reflect your meaningful words.

At Bonny Bombons you will find quality, made with love items at affordable prices. I hope that you enjoy my jewellery and find a little something that will remind you to be lighthearted and appreciate all of the small beauties that surround us everyday.