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Carousels and Candy Floss

At Carousels and Candy Floss you will find lovingly created handmade cloth dolls, softies and whimsical décor.  Timeless and classic in style, they have been designed to capture the innocence and imagination of the young and young at heart.  Carefully constructed from the highest quality materials, Carousels and Candy Floss pieces are intended to stand the test of time and passed down for the enjoyment of future generations.

Each and every Carousels and Candy Floss creation has been crafted with the greatest love, care and detail.  With new ideas and designs evolving all the time, it is Sarah’s hope that Carousels and Candy Floss will be bringing smiles to little faces for many years to come.

Meet The Maker

The face behind Carousels and Candy Floss – Sarah

Hello, my name is Sarah.  I established Carousels and Candy Floss in 2012 to share my love of creating and in particular, my passion for creating for children and celebrating the innocence and imagination of childhood.

I have always been creative – drawing, painting, cake decorating, furniture restoration, jewellery making, ceramics etc. You name it, I’ve probably done it.

I have been sewing since I was very young and handmade has always been a part of my life. My granny was a skilled dress maker. She could make anything, drafting her own patterns from newspaper. She sewed for all her 8 children and 14 grandchildren, and my wardrobe was always full of gorgeous handmade clothing.

My professional background is in medical science – biochemistry and molecular biology/genetics in particular. Prior to having children I worked in one of Sydney’s major children’s hospitals and clinical research. My scientific background plays a part in my sewing – precision, and attention to detail.

My most favourite creations are my four children. I love to read (although have very little time for that), I’m fascinated by nature and intrigued by true crime. I intended to pursue a career in forensic science prior to having children. That dream is yet to be realised but perhaps one day.