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FoxesHill is all about making beautiful high end products for little people to learn, grow & develop in style.  All our fabrics come from the USA with new & exciting prints changing throughout the year.  FoxesHill make everything with love & care from Bibs all the way to our Stunning Hobby Horses/Unicorns with high attention to detail.  If you would like a custom order please feel free to contact Larn & she would be more than happy to answer any questions about an order you might like to place.

Meet The Maker

The face behind FoxesHill – Alana

The Face Behind FoxesHill goes by the name of Larn. Fun Fact: Larn is actually not my real name but my nickname. I am 30 years young and started my business when I was 26, my mum also helps with my small business with organising paper work and of course our products. I own 4 fur babies, Mopps (Papillon cross toy Poodle), Squiggle (Tabby Cat), Sedona (Netherland Dwarf Bunny) & Arizona (Mini Lop Bunny) and they are all girls. Also, just to let you know (all our products are made in a pet free location). One day soon I will own some human babies, fingers crossed. My full time job is my small business and I love it plus I love supporting small businesses when ever I can whether it’s for my products or for my family. I started my business as I was so sick of seeing old fashioned toys and toys  that I grew up with being lost in a world of technology, (not that I have anything against technology) but I wanted to bring good old fashioned toys back with a modern look. I have so many happy memories of my older sister and I playing with our ugly, and I mean really ugly, bright red velvet Hobby Horse with stick on googly eyes and green eyelashes prancing around the garden and yes taking it to bed with us like as if that is a comfy thing to cuddle up to at night and playing with our dollies instead of just looking at a device all the time as hey, let’s face it, gameboys were nowhere near as good as what a smart phone can do.