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Renee is the Perth based artist behind gumdot. Combining her deep love of drawing and of Australia led her to create her signature range of artwork that celebrates the country’s unique species and landscapes.

As a conservation biologist and zoologist, Renee loves to teach people about threatened species and the ways they can assist in conservation. Her aim with gumdots is to use native themed décor to inspire a deeper love for nature and raise awareness around specific threats to the environment.

gumdots provides a contemporary and unique take on what we have come to expect from ‘Australiana’ themed art, and Renee’s fascination with nature is evident in every piece.

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Meet The Maker

The face behind gumdots – Renee

Hello! I’m Renee, a mum of three girls, a zookeeper and a fineliner artist. I live in Perth, Western Australia with my husband, daughters and our dog, Harvey.

I started drawing about three years ago, whilst on maternity leave with my second daughter, as a form of mindfulness to help with post natal anxiety. After gifting artwork to friends and family, I realised that there was a demand for my art, and I started my Etsy shop a few months later.

In my career, I work in a Breed for Release programme for endangered Australian fauna, and their conservation is a driving force behind much of what I do. I include many of these native species in my artwork due to my love of them, and also to try and raise awareness about threatened species, to help support their conservation.

I started my business because I strongly believe in the importance of quality, handmade gifts in today’s throwaway culture, and I hope that my prints are loved for years to come.