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Isla & Mason produce a range of handmade flower crowns and accessories using paper and silk flowers, naturally sourced Western Australian seashells, pearls, glitter and ribbon. We also custom match crowns/accessories to any fabric or outfit of your choice for the perfect addition to any special occasion.

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Meet The Maker

The face behind Isla & Mason – Laine

Located in Perth WA. I am an oncology nurse cross stay at home mum. Isla & Mason was born out of a need to express my creativity and make beautiful things! My real job is very serious and quite stressful most of the time, so I needed the complete opposite in my fun job!


Unlike many handmaidens, I do not use patterns or set combinations for my items…actually if you watched me work it would possibly look like messy chaos never to be completed, but the process of making a beautiful item out of that crazy, which never had a set path is what I live for!


My table I work at is forever covered in flowers, glitter and half finished items to complete when inspiration takes over! I have an unhealthy love of glitter!


It helps me to create by seeing a picture of who the item (especially wreath decor) is for or what clothing it needs to be matched to (crowns and clips) but other than that, I crank the Lana del Rey and let my hands and heart take over from my brain!