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Janelle’s Soaps & Succulents

Janelle’s Soaps & Succulents creates beautiful soaps, handmade from scratch, using the cold process method. These soaps have been made using combinations of skin loving oils and ingredients, ensuring your skin feels fabulous after use. There is a soap to suit everyone within the large range: a large selection of everyday soaps, including all natural soaps, as well as Aromatherapy Soaps, and Gardener’s Soaps. Although my soaps make beautiful scented decor items, they are made to use and enjoy in the bath and/or shower.

Why not give yourself a little bit of luxury at bath time? Your skin will love you!

*Janelle’s Soaps & Succulents offers Afterpay

Meet The Maker

The face behind Janelle’s Soaps & Succulents – Janelle

My name is Janelle and I am a soap maker from Wellington in Central West NSW. I was born in Wellington and have lived here for most of my life. I am married to Peter who is also a true Wellington local. We have two adult children and a gorgeous grandson, with another grandchild on the way. Our house is beautifully scented with all the soaps I have curing.

Why did I start making soap? I fell into soap making and selling quite by accident really! I love handmade lemongrass soap, but was continually unable to buy at our local markets, so I started making my own. My family and extended family loved it! I ran out and was making some more and thought…If I can’t buy it, maybe no-one else can! I also have a love for succulents, and made some planters up and put on social media, and everyone loved them. Hence Janelle’s Soaps & Succulents was born. It came at the right time in my life, combines two of my passions and keeps me really busy! And I love it!