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Katie Makes A Dress

Katie makes handmade dresses and skirts for women out of her studio on the Sunshine Coast, in Queensland. Her patterns are vintage, her prints are modern and there are only ever a few created in the same fabric, keeping them limited edition.

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Meet The Maker

The face behind Katie Makes a Dress – Katie

I started sewing when I was given my first machine for my fourteenth birthday. I stopped not long after because it was very uncool. Having babies and moving on from dial up internet prompted me to start again around ten years later and I haven’t stopped since. There’s a special place in my heart for vintage patterns (even the terrible 80s monstrosities) and slightly unconventional prints. Finding the balance between old and new is what keeps me inspired.

Katie Makes A Dress was born from a love a sewing and a little bit of peer pressure. When I’m not sewing or shooting, I’m spending time with my sausage fest of a family on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.