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At Mikoo Kidz you will find our handpoured natural wax crayons made completely from scratch using natural sustainable waxes and non toxic colour pigments.Our crayons are made using 80% beeswax and is locally sourced in the NSW Riverina. As we love all things natural for your children here at Mikoo Kidz you will also find our handcrafted wooden toys using wood and natural beeswax polish.


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Meet The Maker

The face behind Mikoo Kids – Courtney

Mikoo Kidz originally began after I was on maternity leave with my daughter, Myah in 2015. Myah loves all things art and craft and along with that began eating her playdough, paints and crayons! After making our own playdough and reading an article about commercial crayons containing paraffin – a by product of petroleum, we set out in search of making our own crayons using beeswax. This was just some fun Myah and I would have while I was on maternity leave and that way I knew they were safe if she began eating them. After going back to work and then having my son, Cooper in 2017 and being on maternity leave again – I thought what a great idea to share these beautiful safe crayons with all the other wonderful children in the world and so began the world of Mikoo Kidz. After changing our recipe a few times and adjusting it accordingly we found a recipe that worked perfectly to create the perfect crayons to share with the world. And the best thing was we knew exactly what is in them and that they are 100% non toxic and safe for your little ones! After awhile my husband joined our team and we began sharing his amazing wooden toys he had been making at home. Our two beautiful children are the inspiration for our little business and what was able to keep me at home with my children on maternity leave much longer than I ever anticipated. And we cannot thank all of our wonderful customers for your friendship and support as our little business grows!


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