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Mini Monkeez

Mini Monkeez specialises in high quality handmade goodies in bright and funky styles, with special attention paid to the comfort, unique tastes and sensory needs of your little people.

Mini Monkeez is home of the original Doll Accessory set.  Available in a range of beautiful fabrics, with full sets as well as individual items available.

Mini Monkeez is also known for durable and comfortable children dress-ups, that are built to last through the many adventures children get up to.  From realistic occupational costumes, to whimsical and fantasy themed pieces, there truly is something for everyone!

Meet The Maker

The face behind Mini Monkeez – Rebekah

Hi my name is Rebekah, owner/ designer at Mini Monkeez!

I am a single mum of 4, located in Melbourne Victoria.

Mini Monkeez began after I made some baby toys for my 4th child and showed some local mums on a parenting page I was a member of.

I soon started receiving requests from the other mums, and before I knew it Mini Monkeez was born!

In the beginning, I was creating mostly baby products, pram liners, blankets and the like.

I then branched out to include accessories for disabled children and young adults such as specially designed feeding and dribble bibs in larger sizes, and fidget lap mats and weighted blankets.

These days the business centres mostly around Dolls clothing and accessories, with some uniquely designed children’s costumes and dress ups coming soon.