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The Mulberry Two

Makers of Sustainable Hand Carved Wooden Wares.

This creative sibling duo collects wood straight from the trimmings of local backyard trees and then carves their homewares by hand, using axes, saws, hook and whittling knives.

Each item is one of a kind and comes mindfully gift wrapped in their naturally dyed fabrics, and packaged for transit in fully recyclable and compostable materials so that you can be sure your purchase won’t be harming the environment..

Meet The Maker

The faces behind The Mulberry Two – Rosalie & Lucy

Raised amongst the boughs of a mighty mulberry tree, we are siblings united by a love of hand-crafting. Inspired by a family of menders, makers, growers and world-shifters we strive to create pieces that tread lightly on our planet, which is reaching its limit.

It’s hard to pinpoint that first spark that set what we’ve now named The Mulberry Two in motion.. maybe it was making mud pies under our giant mulberry tree as kids, or cooking funny face shaped pikelets on Friday afternoons but as siblings we’ve been creating together always.

Now we are grown up it can be harder to get together and nurture that creative spark, so recently we made a double pinky promise with each other to make it a priority, and we named this The Mulberry Two.

Rosalie thinks and creates in the beautiful Blue Mountains, NSW. When not ‘making’ Rosalie helps people with intellectual disability learn about relationships and dating while also working on a PhD about growing up with cerebral palsy in Bangladesh.

Lucy creates from her home workshop, in the far-outer suburbs of Sydney, surrounded by Australian bushland. When Lucy isn’t dreaming of spoon designs, she is busy mumming, looking after native bees, baking and exploring nature with her little tribe.

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