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Twinewood Studio specialises in hand drawn illustrations and brandingFounderHannah Johnson, is a lover of all things flora and slow living, and believes that the simple way is usually the best way, which is why her designs often feature carefully considered, minimalist botanicals, delicate tea cups, and mindfully crafted observations of the everyday world around her.
Meet The Maker

The face behind Twinewood Studio – Hannah

I was born and raised in the English countryside and always loved exploring, nature and creating. Once I had completed my studies in Fine Art and English Literature, I moved to London to teach and also create work from my London-based studio for exhibitions. I left the teaching profession to travel, and spent several months travelling through Africa, Europe and South East Asia before finally arriving in Australia to spend a few months with my family. I feel in love with country, and I decided to make the big move and relocated from London to Melbourne in 2016.

It took all of these events to find my feet and a creative direction that I truly resonated with and was passionate about. In 2018, I felt I was finally ready to create a business that I had a clear creative vision and that inspired me daily, so I launched Twinewood Studio, a design studio with a focus on hand drawn illustration and branding, and photography for creative business owners like myself. I am immensely excited to see where this new venture takes me, and am so grateful to be in a position where I can create beautiful things every single day.