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Christmas gifts to make at home by Misty from Gravitate

1 jar 3 ways!

A Christmas gift for teachers and day-care workers is always a hard one! Whether you simply don’t know them that well, have several to do or are working to a budget, it can be tricky to choose the right gift. So why not unleash your child’s creativity using a few craft items you may already have or that are readily available from a discount store, and create a handmade gift that can be used again and again and will sit with pride of place on your carers desk?

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Finger Knitting a Christmas Tree Card by Amanda’s Woollen World

It’s that time of year when we start seeing all the Christmas items pop up in the shops and my little 6 year old thinks Christmas is tomorrow! She always wants to have some yarn on the go (like mother, like daughter) and like most little kids I know, she loves to make cards. So we decided this year to combine her love of yarn and card making and to finger knit a Christmas Tree this year and then make it into a Christmas Card.

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