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DIY Handmade Lip Balm

As the Christmas season looms, it can sometimes be difficult to find unique gifts to give friends and family that won’t break your budget.

Well look not further! This DIY tutorial is so easy, AND it’s super cost effective!!!

I am a HUGE lip balm person. I’ve use lip balm for years and years. You could say I am addicted. I only like to use natural lip balms, with no artificial colours or flavours, or petroleum by products. I have wanted to try to make my own but it seemed so hard! But how wrong I was!!

This DIY only needs 3 core ingredients, as well as some essential oils if you’d like. Too easy!! AND finding organic ingredients is very accessible nowadays so you can tick that too if want!

A Few Tips!

Have a search online for local apiarist/bee keeper, as they sometimes sell organic beeswax in small batches. I buy mine from Chesterfield Honey. They sell their beeswax in handy 10gm blocks so it makes it super easy to grate/cut. I also love Northern Light. Try to buy your shea butter and lip balm tubes from the same seller to save postage, or look for deals with free postage. Ebay also have a lot of Australian based sellers so have a browse on there too. Organic coconut oil (the solid kind) is easily purchased from your local supermarket. I prefer refined coconut oil as it has minimal coconut smell and taste. Aussie Candle Supplies and Aussie Soap Supplies sell shea butter, lip balm accessories and essential oils and colours.

You can add essential oils to your lip balm too! I used peppermint as it is my all time favourite oil in the entire world, and I love that slight tingly feeling when I put my lip balm on! You may also want to try a citrus oil. Always remember to check to see if particular oils are suitable for your personal use, and use sparingly.

This little recipe makes about 8-9 lip balm sticks, and costs a grand total of 65 cents per unit*. Cheaper than chips!!


  • 1 Tablespoon of organic beeswax, grated or chopped into small pieces.
  • 1 tablespoon of organic shea butter
  • 1 tablespoon of organic coconut oil (refined)
  • Your choice of essential oils
  • Empty lip balm tubes
  • Elastic band
  • Pyrex glass measuring cup with lip or similar (must be heat proof)
  • Stirring utensil (I just used a bamboo skewer!)
  • Fry pan

Prepare your lip balm tubes by taking all the lids off. Holding all the tubes upright, use the elastic band to tie the lip balm tubes together. It might be easier to start with 5 tubes and then pop in the rest once the band is on. This makes the pouring process a lot easier and less messy!!

Fill the fry pan 1/3 up with water and get it simmering on the stovetop. Once simmering, pop in the Pyrex jug. Then add the beeswax, shea butter, and coconut oil. Give it a stir every now and then with a clean utensil. Once everything has melted and you have a liquid, turn off the stove. Leave the Pyrex jug in the pan to keep the mixture in liquid form.

Add your essential oil to the mix and stir. I use a high quality pure essential oil and only used 9 drops. While you may not be able to smell the essential oils over the beeswax scent, when the lip balm solidifies often you can smell the oils.

The Pyrex jug handle should be cool enough to handle, but take care. Carefully pour the mixture into your prepared lip balm tubes slowly, and fill them as high as you can. The lip balm should start to solidify almost immediately. Leave until completely solid and pop on the lids.

And that’s pretty much it!

You may wish to make some personalised labels for your lip balms (I just made a simple 4 x 4cm labels in Word on some sticker sheets and then cut it down to size).

*Approximate calculation based on weight. Please note that initial lay out will be more costly.

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