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Fairy Doors… The magic behind the door by Naomi from Enchanted Items

Hi. I am Naomi the creator and the sculptor behind the scenes of Enchanted Items. This is just a little of information about Fairy doors and how I create them.

I don’t usually express myself through writing, but I do express myself through my art.  Sculpting is my therapeutic release and my connection to the fairy realm.

I still believe in Fairies and the wonders in this world and I express this through my Fairy doors. It makes things a little easier as I still have young children and have an excuses to make believe.

To me a Fairy Door is a portal to the magical land of your imagination – it can expand a child’s imagination with a magical adventure through Fairy Tales of adventure, and stories of who lives behind the door and it’s magical lands.  It can encourage children to write and use their imagination through writing letters and wishes to the fairies and leaving them at the Fairy Door.  It can be used as incentives for children from the dummy/pacifier Fairy, the Sleep Fairy or even the worry Fairy to take the children’s worries away. Or it can be used purely as decorative decor!

‘Keeping the magic and wonder alive for a child is priceless…’

My process of making a Fairy Door is very free flowing and intuitive. I am a self taught sculptor and have learned through experimenting and lots of mistakes along the way. I never finish learning new techniques and they are always evolving.  I sketch a lot of my Fairy door ideas before I sculpt them and have a sketchbook always at hand, as sometimes I can’t get the idea out quick enough.

An example is when I went to the beach with my children. We were collecting shells & I was talking about how cool it would be to be a Mermaid with my daughter because she loves the Ocean and could spend all day at in the Sea swimming. On the drive home the idea came to me and a door shaped as a Shell and from there the Mermaid Shell Door was sculpted.  I would have to say it is still my favourite door I have sculpted.


Once the base of the door is created, my favourite part is creating the details of the door. I can get lost for hours spending time in creating, even the tiniest of details. My favourite detail is moss as I like the idea of these doors haven’t been opened for a long time, as though they have been lost in a forest waiting to be found and placed into a loving home.

Depending on the theme or styling of the door, Mushrooms are a good fit for a Fairy Door. There is always something magical about a mushroom/toadstool, my guess it from being associated with the Folklore of the Fairy Ring.



Ladybirds, butterflies and caterpillars or as I call them ‘little critters’ are another little magical touch I sculpt to place on the door. Ladybirds are meant to bring good luck and take wishes away to the Fairies. These little critters also make great pets for the Fairies to play with too.

You would will usually find teeny tiny critters hidden amongst the leaves and flowers. How many ladybirds can you spot on this door?




Vines, Leaves and flowers are always a lovely way of giving the door a forest magical feel and usually incorporate these into my larger doors. I have sculpted a few larger doors with Garden themes.  Like Grandma’s Garden Door and Secret Garden Door.  These doors incorporate my love of flowers and expanded my sculpting skills and given me a greater appreciation of Mother Nature’s Work.

Each Fairy Door that I created is unique and magical in its own way. Time, love and care is placed into each door.  Each Fairy door speaks its own story and tells me how it wants to be shown in this world.

‘Handmade with a touch of magic…’

Where to put a Fairy Door?

‘It is limited to our imagination’

It is up to where you want the Fairy to visit you…

The door can be placed in your child’s bedroom

  • *on the base of a wall,
  • *above the light switch,
  • *base of a bed,
  • *even on a display shelf.

The Fairy doors I create can be attached by Blue Tack or a 3m strip, placed on the back of a door, then gently pressed into where you want it.

A free standing door and can be placed a number of different areas and can be moved about easily when needed. These doors look lovely on display on a shelf.

Photo taken courtesy of Chloe from CMC Gold


Other places a Fairy door can be used and probably my favourite way is outside in the garden, where the Fairies love to be.

Placed at a base of a tree is always a great start for a Fairy Door.

Another cute placement for a door is beside your own front door! Like a secret magical entrance where the magical Fairies, Pixies can come and enter.

‘There are endless creative ways of using and displaying your Fairy door…’

If after reading this, you would like to partake in getting your own magical Fairy door for yourself or your child, please feel free to visit and message at www.facebook.com/enchanteditemsbynaomi

‘Happy to make something magical for you…’


Hi There!

My name is Naomi and I am the Sculptor/Creator of Enchanted items – Hand sculpted Fairy Garden accessories from mushrooms to Fairy doors and Mythical/Fantasy sculptures, frames and jewellery.

Based in Western Australia, I am a mum of 2, a Face painter, a Balloon Twister… as you can tell I like to keep myself busy.

I have always loved making things that are a little different… Love things ‘geeky’, Mythical and the Fairy world.

Just after my daughter’s 5th Birthday Fairy party, that I created all sorts of fairy bits for…

My family and friends loved my creations that much, that they encouraged me to contiune my sculpting journey and ‘Enchanted items by Naomi’ was born.

Enchanted Items is always evolving and only limited by our imaginations

Looking forward to the future and what magic it will bring.



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  1. ANN Burke January 23, 2019 at 9:38 am

    Just wonderful Naomi .. congratulations on you blog and continued success with your wonderfully enchanting business .
    Lots of love ( Auntie ) Ann

  2. Lisa January 23, 2019 at 1:44 pm

    My daughter and I love your work .
    Such amazing detail definitely shows.
    A lovely person that comes with your work and detail ☺️


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