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Finger Knitting a Christmas Tree Card by Amanda’s Woollen World

It’s that time of year when we start seeing all the Christmas items pop up in the shops and my little 6 year old thinks Christmas is tomorrow! She always wants to have some yarn on the go (like mother, like daughter) and like most little kids I know, she loves to make cards. So we decided this year to combine her love of yarn and card making and to finger knit a Christmas Tree this year and then make it into a Christmas Card.

This little project is suitable for 6 year olds upwards, or younger with adult assistance and is perfect for using up scraps of yarn. We added a couple of decorations on to ours and I am sure that glitter will be added before the card is sent!

So what do you need? Here’s a list of the supplies we used this morning (pic 1)

  • Some sparkly green yarn (I had some left over from last year) – really you don’t need a lot – if you have none, I suggest buying the smallest ball you can find! Unless you are going into mass production!
  • A piece of card (ours came from a pack of cards I had bought a while ago for Miss 6 to make cards for her friends)
  • A glue stick
  • A tape measure
  • A pair of scissors (child friendly ones!)
  • A pencil (to mark the tree area for gluing)
  • Some small pom poms (or other decorations as desired)

OK once you’re ready, let’s begin.

1. Make a slip knot with the yarn. To do this, wrap the yarn around your finger to make a loop (pic 2), remove from finger (pic 3) and pull the long tail attached to the ball of yarn from underneath, through the loop (pic 4) until it tightens to a knot (pic 5). Slip the loop on your index finger (pic 6) and then pull the long tail to tighten (pic 7) and you’re ready to start finger knitting.


























2. Make another loop on your index finger (pic 8) and then pull the first loop (the one nearest your wrist) over the top of the second loop you have just made (pic 9) and off your finger (so there is only one remaining loop on your finger. (pic 10) Holding on to the short tail between your middle finger and thumb, pull down on the yarn attached to the ball whilst wiggling your index finger (on which you should still have a loop) away – this will act to tighten the loop on your index finger and leave you with a neat stitch underneath. There’s your first stitch done!














3. Repeat this until you have a chain which is about 50cm long (or however long you want to make it). Cut the yarn about 5 cm from the last chain and then pull the end through the last stitch and pull tight to close, trim as required.

4. Taking your card, map out your Christmas tree by starting at the base and laying lines across the page, getting shorter at the top until you run out (pic 11) – if your tree looks too tall and skinny, just rejig starting with a wider base. Once you are happy with the size, take a pencil and make 3 dots on the card under the three corners (pic 12). Next (and here comes the messy part) – you will need to cover the triangular area with glue (pic 13) and then stick your long chain on, winding it up to a tree shape (pic 14 and 15).




5 Once dry, add whatever decorations you would like to on to your tree and a message if you like and there’s your card. A card any grandparent, auntie, uncle, parent etc I am sure would be pleased to receive.

Good Luck and Merry Christmas

With love (and patience)


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