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Hey! Tidy up your car!

Who here has little kids?  Yeah?  Me too.

Ok who has little kids that leave your poor car a mess after their little tornado bodies have ripped through after a car trip?  Yeah?  ME TOO!!

It doesn’t matter how much I try, I always have little wrappers, rouge sultanas, boxes, drawings on the back of receipts and trinkets galore!  Don’t even talk to me about that festy banana skin I found the other day.  Shudder.


I’ve done the little plastic bag in the car, then a box, but it doesn’t quite cut it with things falling out or the entire thing toppling over.  However I stumbled across a new Australian handmade product called LuxeBins – a stylish functional bin for your car.  They are slim tidy bins that hang off the back of your car seat with a clip (or anywhere really), and are sewn with black waterproof lining by Tahlia on the Mornington Peninsula. The clever bit is that inside is a plastic mould that ensures the bin stays open for easy access.  The plastic mould unsnaps at the bottom and you press can it flat, making it an easy wipe down for cleaning. It’s so easy.  And even the plastic mould was designed and made in the Mornington Peninsula!  They come to you lined ready with a biodegradable liner so you can use them straight away.


Black waterproof fabric a tad boring for you?  Not a worry!  Tahlia also has bins that come with fabric outer covers to brighten things up a bit.  You can have fun here and get the kids to choose what fabric cover they would like!
I took them for a test run in the car and we all loved them!  The kids were intrigued.  I kept one lined to use as a bin, but the other I left unlined so we could use it for things for the kids to play with on car trips.  The CarBins are deceptively deep too, we could fit HEAPS of stuff in there.  In Ana’s bin we popped in two chapter books, a notepad, bunch of textas, a few small cars and dinosaurs, with room to spare!  Having a dedicated area for both rubbish bits and little toys helped us all keep the car a more in order.  And I’m not going to pretend, I need all the help I can get!!


These smart CarBins will be a permanent fixture in our car.  Not only are they sturdy, useful and functional, but I love that they are a handmade in Australia AND affordable.  Further, this lessens the need for those plastic bags floating around the car and makes for a more sustainable way to keep the car tidy.
The CarBin is $25, however right now Tahlia has a 20% off code (XMASDEAL) in her Etsy store, right in time for Christmas!  The offer will last until Christmas Eve and orders must be in by Monday December 17th to receive them in time for Christmas.



Anh is one half of Love Australian Handmade, and also has been running her own handmade business (Ana ma Petit Tresor) for almost 5 years. She has two young children, and a husband who crazily encourages her fabric buying sprees and handmade ideas.  She likens her fabric addition to drugs (but not as expensive nor illegal), and is known to sit and stare at fabric for periods of time. Anh also loves to travel, eat food, make her kids laugh, and sleep.


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