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Sell with us  

Are you a maker of amazing handmade pieces? Well…we would LOVE you to sell your awesome products with us! Our customers truly love and appreciate the value of a handmade item and so do we! So let’s do this!

But why? Well let’s give you a few good reasons to sign up now!

  • Low admin fees – we truly love, are obsessed and totally passionate about Australian Handmade so we have done what we can to ensure that our  fees are minimal! These fees go towards the maintenance of our website, fees charged by our payment gateway when making payments to you our vendors, assuring our server keeps on ticking,  promoting our fabulous shop and ensuring that our website always looks its best!
  • Low cost registration fee – pay a yearly registration fee of $30 to help get you all set up! If you continue to list with us after the year is up, it’s only $20 to renew your shop registration! This is a BIG thank you from us for continuing to be part of our community! Better yet, subscribe to list your business with us for 6 months or more and the registration gets WAIVED! Your admin fees will also be reduced AND a whole bunch of other good stuff! Learn more about our subscription packages here.
  • Manage your own products and orders – our easy to access and use vendor dashboard will make it easy for you! You will be able to easily add new products, edit existing products, manage your inventory and shipping . You will also be able to add and manage coupons specific to your products (both individual and as a whole).  Tracking details can all be entered via this dashboard.
  • Personalise your shipping costs – we understand that shipping costs vary so want you to be able to offer your customers different rates to suit your business!
  • Set up your store with us or just list a few products – our Love Australian Handmade Shop can be set up to provide you with a complete storefront for your business or list as little as one product with us, the choice is yours! There is no cap on the number of products you can list!
  • Easily view your stats –  You will be able to view stats related to your products including total sales, total number of orders, number of coupons used and number of unique customers. These stats can be displayed for specific dates and products, how cool is that?!
  • Regular and easy payments –  Payouts for the sale of your products will occur once a month to your nominated PayPal account, with 12 free withdrawals included per year. Need money before then? At any time you can request to withdraw either your whole or part of your commission amount in addition to the free withdrawals (fee of $1, which helps cover the fees charged by paypal – only charged after you have exceeded your 12 free withdrawals for the year). The amount paid (your commission) will be minus admin fees and gateway charges.
  • Established brand – we have experience both in running a handmade business and also in running an established Facebook group for handmade businesses. You can learn more about us here!
  • Personal service – We offer personalised service and support for your business. If we can’t help, we’ll try and find someone that can. We have your back!
  • Australian owned and run  – We are based right here in Australia, just like you!
  • Quality handmade – We pride ourselves upon on listing products that we believe in and that are great quality. We do have a screening process for accepting new products, so be assured that you listed amongst the best!
  • Does your product give back? – We know there are some amazing makers out there that donate a portion of their sales to charities, SO we will have a limited number of spots available to showcase these products and list them on the websitefree of admin fees!
  • Number 1 spot on google – We have worked hard to ensure that we hold and maintain the number 1 organic spot on google when you search ‘Australian Handmade’!

Now how will it work?

  • Once your business has been approved to be sold with us, we will set you up and talk you through your vendor dashboard.  Here you will be able to set up your product listings, add shipping costs and manage your inventory. Once set up your products will be listed for sale on our website!
  • Customer purchases the product from our website.  You will receive an email notifying you of your order and this will also be added to your vendor dashboard.
  • You will be paid once a month (on the first day of the month) into your nominated PayPal account.  This amount will be minus admin fees of 4% and gateway charge of 2.6% + 30 cents per unit (to cover fees charged by our payment merchants). Want even lower admin fees? If you take out a subscription to list your business with us for 6 months or more they are reduced to as low as 3% depending on your subscription level AND you get all the extra bonus bits then too! Read more about our business subscriptions here.
  • You (you amazing maker you!) then create their amazing handmade piece and get it ready to ship off directly to the customer.  Once shipped, you can fulfil your order from your vendor dashboard which then automatically sends a shipping to the customer with tracking (if applicable).

So what are the fees again?

Sound good? Well guess what?! We are now open to new vendors for a LIMITED TIME!

Apply to sell with us here

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