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Dee Robinson Jewellery and Objects

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For me jewellery and objects become an extension of ourselves.  The textures and forms that attract our eye can enrich how we project ourselves and how we perceive others.


These elements of attraction are personal and unique to each of us. It may be the colour or sparkle of a stone, the texture of a metal, the tone, shape and form of a piece or indeed the sentiment of a gift that resonates and stays with us.


The process of incorporating such elements and creating considered pieces bring together my love of making and the joy of creating pieces that will draw the interest of, and become meaningful to, those who hold them.


My work is experimental in that pieces are often formed from concepts that occur naturally through a process of playing and tinkering.


My jewellery is predominantly made with variations of silver, gold and titanium. However I am also drawn to the process of working with brass, copper and fibres which I use to create vessels and sculptural objects.