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Lil' Bit Better

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So it all started with bees.

Stay with me. It will make sense. I promise.

Two years ago, my husband and I decided to try our hand at beekeeping. We started our first hive down on Phillip Island, here in Victoria.

We were not expecting to fall in love with bees. Also unexpected – learning just how much impact these little creatures have on our food chain. And yet their global population is rapidly declining. A dwindling directly linked to the nasty chemicals most of us use daily.

This new hobby led to a greater understanding of ecology and our affect on it. We made simple changes in our lives.

Then it hit me: If everyone made a little bit of a change, the overall effect would be enormous. That’s why I started Lil’Bit.

At you’ll find a range of homemade, small-batch cleaning products for around your home. There are tonnes of recipes for natural and low-impact cleaning products online, but their effectiveness is hit and miss.

I have tried so many recipes and developed many of my own, to share what I feel are the best for our world – and you!

But Lil’Bit is more than that. Through social media and our own actions, we want to do our little bit to make this world a better place. Whether it’s picking up a little litter, smiling at a stranger, or sharing a little kindness.

Because we can all make the world a better place …even just a lil’ bit.