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We’re All Mad Here by Hannah from Twinewood Studio

Photo Credit: Eva’s Sunday

Most small business owners are utterly, completely and irrevocably mad!

I mean, who in their right mind would agree to working double the

hours of a normal job for half the pay, to staying up until ungodly hours finishing client projects, or to travelling several hours a day to make it to meeting after meeting?

The fact is we are mad, but we are also immensely passionate. We are the ones with a dream and a heap of ambition and drive to make sure that our crazy dream becomes a reality.

I’m Hannah and I am the creative madwoman behind Twinewood Studio. I am a crazy plant lady, a whizz with a paintbrush and the lucky individual who gets to spend most of everyday, and sometimes night, making pretty things.

Photo Credit: Eva’s Sunday

My passion for creating beautiful things started at a very young age. I began private art classes at the age of 9 and, sick of people thinking my mother had made all my art projects, I began entering (and winning!) adult art competitions at 9 years old. Art was my strongest subject throughout school and I eventually graduated with a First Classification Degree in Fine Art and English Literature in 2013. After a brief encounter with teaching, I decided to pack my bags and leave London to travel the world. With just my sketchbook and Kindle for company, I doodled my way around Europe, Africa, and Southeast Asia before finally arriving in Australia and permanently making it my home in 2016.

I worked in digital marketing, photography and graphic design roles when I first arrived and realised that I loved creating, no matter what the medium. So in 2018, after I got married, I launched my own business so that I could offer these services to my own clients and it was one of the best decisions of my life.



I am lucky enough to work with wonderful clients, creating beautiful things every single day. And everyday is different. One day I will be creating illustrations for my own collection of prints, the next I will be styling and photographing client’s stunning products, then the following day I’ll be illustrating and designing a client’s product packaging or textile prints or branding collateral. The list goes on!

My passion is also to create; I’m not fussed about the medium, as long as it is beautiful and I get to work with people who are just as passionate about their work and their products as I am about mine. I love illustration, design, branding, photography and product management. Anything that involves making something visually impressive.


After all, that is what makes us “crazy” small business owners keep going: our passion.

Website: www.twinewoodstudio.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/twinewoodstudio

Instagram: www.instagram.com/twinewoodstudio

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